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Passive solar design refers to the use of the sun's energy to heat and cool the living spaces in a home, utilizing the southern exposure to allow the sun to enter the home during the winter and warm it's interior.

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IT Resources

Archicad by Graphisoft
We use Archicad for design and construction documentation. Plans can be exported in DWF format, but due to Autocad’s limitations the virtual building and generated information is lost. You are not really limited by this loss, but you don’t benefit from it either. If your are shopping for CAD software Archicad is the worth looking into. It is expensive and not simple to use, but very evolved as a CAD program. It started as a virtual model program, unlike Autocad which still remains 2D drafting. Revit, by Autodesk is coming on strong, but is early in it’s “life” and good software does takes time to grow up.

Web Site Development
If you are thinking of starting a web site, or upgrading what you have, MindPalette is an excellent place to go. Very knowledgeable, fast, and above all nice to work with.