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Standard House Plans

Sustainable House Plans

Orientations are noted with the thumbnails to the right.

Passive solar design refers to the use of the sun's energy to heat and cool the living spaces in a home, utilizing the southern exposure to allow the sun to enter the home during the winter and warm it's interior.

Universal Design Plans

House Plans: Universal Design Plans

Accessible House Plan Details

Basic Criteria

The following list provides the basic criteria that this series of plans is based on:

Visible Entrance – All plans are drawn on a standard crawl space foundation.  An alternate slab foundation is available at no extra charge; however, the exterior elevations and building section(s) reflect the crawl foundation.  A slab foundation is often a valid solution to the entrance requirements.  If the drawings need to reflect the slab foundation in all views to meet building permit criteria (these vary, but most reflect  common sense), they can be modified for a $150 fee.  Please call if this is your need.

The majority of the plans have a rear ramp to a deck.  Some have front porch ramps off the driveway.  Please see the specific plan.

Door widths – A 32″ clear opening is generally required.  This may be a 36″ door, or a 32″ door with “off-set” hinges giving a clear 28″ passage.  Interior passage doors are specified as 28″ doors with off-set hinges.  The primary entrance door is a standard 36″ door.

Bathroom requirements – Most agencies require a 30″ x 48″ clear floor space outside the swing of the door.  All plans provide this as a minimum, and some provide a 5′ diameter clear floor space.  This is indicated on the presentation floor plan in red.  Baths are wide enough to accommodate a standard lavatory and a 32″ door and standard trim.

General Notes

All plans have the following general notes:

Visitable entrance – provide at least one zero-step entrance to the floor of the home that contains access to the central living  area. The zero-step entrance must be connected to the public street or sidewalk, or drive by a path of travel which does not include a running slope in excess of 1:12 (8.33%), and a cross slope not to exceed 1:50 (2%).  The path of travel may include changes that do not exceed 1/2″.  Level changes between 1/4″ and 1/2″ must be bevelled.

Environmental controls
Light switches, thermostats, and breaker boxes must be no higher than 48″ above the finished floor,  measured to the top of the control.
Electrical receptacles must be located no less than 18″ above the finished floor, measured to the bottom of the lowest receptacle.
Thermostats, breaker boxes, and security system controls, if provided, must be located on the floor of the central living area.

Basic gripping features – Throughout the home include all the following features:  Lever hardware on all doors, lever faucets, and D-pull type or C type cabinet hardware.

Kitchen features
A kitchen sink with knee-space below.
A cooktop or stove with controls at the front, and with knee space below or beside it.
At least 1/3 of the storage shelves and cabinets must be rotating shelves, pull-down shelves, or no higher than 48″ above the finished floor.

Include one bedroom with the following features
Area to accommodate a bed with a 5′ diameter clear turning circle.
A clothes closet with an adjustable hanging rod.  At least half the storage shelves must be pull down shelves, height-adjustable shelves, or located no higher than 48″.

Bath to have adjustable height or hand-held shower head.
See plans for grab bars and clear floor space.