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Sustainable House Plans

Orientations are noted with the thumbnails to the right.

Passive solar design refers to the use of the sun's energy to heat and cool the living spaces in a home, utilizing the southern exposure to allow the sun to enter the home during the winter and warm it's interior.

Universal Design Plans

House Plans: Sustainable Series Plans

Zero Energy Home (ZEH)

A Zero Energy Home, as defined buy the U.S.DOE, refers to a home that can result in a net zero energy consumption at the end of the year.  These homes are connected to the energy grid, so need not be “off-the-grid” homes.  In fact, during night hours they can use energy from the energy grid, and during the day sell back energy produced from an on site renewable energy source, which may be photovoltaics or wind.  WIth the rapid development of these sources, homes should be able to achieve this goal as standard practice.  The home plans in the Solar Series, if equipped with a renewable energy source, can qualify as a Zero Energy Home.  Although the energy source is not specifically addressed,  space is provided to facilitate the application.